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About Pattard

Pattard is a 90-acre farm situated in Hartland an area of outstanding natural beauty. My grandparents took on the tenancy of Pattard in 1926, purchasing it at auction in 1932. It was a mixed farm, being one of the farms running a local milk round. The farm evolved through my father's involvement, and upon his passing in 1996, I decided to convert the old stone barns used for housing grain, machinery, and animals into holiday cottages. This has developed over the last 20 years into also converting the old milk shippon into a restaurant.

Pattard Farm back in time
Pattard Farm back in time

We have tried to maintain the uniqueness of Pattard while moving with the times, so we have created nesting boxes for barn owls and have successfully raised many owlets, a passion my father started in the 1990s. We have now installed solar panels, so much of the power consumed at Pattard is generated here. We are lucky to have woods at Pattard, which allows us to collect wood for the various woodburners found in the properties.

The Story of Pattard Cottages

Pattard back in time

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